President's Hall of Fame


Farewell Message from

Silvia Tovar

Former H.I.R.E. National President


August 2014



Ladies and Gentlemen,



I have just finished my last Annual Business Meeting as your National President. I am saddened that I was unable to complete my term; however, I leave the organization in good hands. I am so happy to retire; but, so sad to say Good-Bye. It is bittersweet. Each one of you made such an impact on my life. I am who I am today because I had you in my life. Those of you who met me when I first started with H.I.R.E. may probably not believe where I am today. Those of you who met me within the past 10 years, know me as am assertive female who made herself known. I made it known where my passion was and how much I appreciate and love H.I.R.E. Please know that I will continue to work with H.I.R.E. in the background.


I have promised to work to get partnerships for the next H.I.R.E. National Conference, and promised to help gather recipes for the cookbook which will serve to gather funds for the National Scholarship. If I can help in any way anywhere, let me know. You remain in my heart and know you will be in my prayers. I remain your H.I.R.E. member now and always.




Silvia Tovar, Ex-President,

H.I.R.E. National, Inc.