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Meet President for HIRE of South Florida

Hi! I am an SBSE Group Manager, with Revenue Agents in Melbourne and Daytona Beach, Florida. Previously, I was a TCO Group Manager out of Miami Florida. I currently serve as the Chapter President for HIRE of South Florida.


I started as a GS-07 Revenue Agent out of Fort Myers, Florida. I have worked in many POD’s, including Plantation and West Palm Beach. I worked in TEGE as an EP Revenue Agent for four years, and had a brief stint in LB&I as a Revenue Agent before becoming a manager. HIRE has provided me opportunities over the years to acquire skills that helped enhance my resume and get ahead. I am happy to serve as the president of the local chapter, continuing that legacy.


In my personal life, I’m originally from Queens, New York. I’ve lived in South Florida for many years, where I met my wife. We have two grown children, a son and a daughter.

 Anthony DeCarvalho

Member Spotlight - Jazmin Zamarripa - NTX HIRE Chapter

My career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began in the fall of 2018 in Wage and Investment (W&I) as a Bilingual Contact Representative. That year I also joined HIRE North TX Chapter, I was drawn to the HIRE organization for the support and guidance offered to IRS employees.  


I remained curious and searched for opportunities within the agency, after 10 months as a Contact Representative I moved to Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) as a Intake Specialist, followed by a short period as a Revenue Officer. In September 2021 I happily accepted a role as an Admin Specialist in the Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) office. Receiving a degree in Public Relations I quickly knew EDI is where I was meant to be. Today, I am an Equal Employment Specialist in EDI, I have the privilege of helping other IRS employees with reasonable accommodation requests.


I whole-heartedly believe none of this could’ve been possible without the support from HIRE. I shared my interest for advancement with the HIRE board both local and nationally and consistently attended meetings and participated in events. Networking played a key role in my success as a HIRE member and IRS employee. I was able to build professional connections with experienced HIRE IRS employees all over the nation who were able to offer assistance with career advice, resume building and mock interviews.


I’m looking forward to additional growth however I am also ready to pay-it-forward and give guidance to other new HIRE members looking to advance in their career.



Member Spotlight  - Karin Howar 
Karin Howar, a Manager of Taxpayer Assistance Center in Kansas City, MO, oversees two offices, one in Kansas City at the Union Station and in Overland Park, KS.  

She  has   earned   her certifications   at   Dale   Carnegie Leadership   in   Public Speaking & from Leadership Management International in Waco, TX.  

Effective   communication   is   a   priority   for   Karin,   who speaks  four languages.  She has a unique style for delivering tax law information to leverage partners and taxpayers.  Karin  has  delivered multiple  classes in  English  and  in  Spanish since joining the IRS.

Karin is a longstanding member of the Kansas City Chapter and the Parliamentarian for the HIRE National Conferences. 
Member Spotlight  - Linda Briones-Gonzales

RGV HIRE member Linda Briones-Gonzales is always taking care of her community  by going out of her way to make them feel special, happy & more confident in themselves.

Throughout the year she has donated a washer & pet food to the Humane Society.  During the pandemic she has delivered food, made care packages with sanitizing wipes, disinfectant sprays, gloves & masks. This Christmas she delivered an Air Purifier to 3rd graders at Rangerville Elementary for Mrs. Cruz's classroom. Linda is a selflessness with her time and hr donations reflect positively on RGV HIRE.  Thank you Linda for everything you do!

Pictured are Mrs. Cruz and two students

Member Spotlight  - Erlinda E. Perez
Erlinda began her IRS career in the clerical/secretarial field. She worked in Examination, Collections and what is now TEGE.  In 1994, she worked as a Spanish-speaking tax auditor, now known as a tax compliance officer. In 1998, Erlinda left the Service to raise a family and pursue a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting, graduating with honors.

In 2006, Erlinda reapplied and was hired as an Internal Revenue Agent.  Per Erlinda "Being an internal revenue agent has been fun but also challenging at times." Erlinda has worked many interesting cases and has been assigned to a few details, such as, acting group manager and returns classification. She also served as an instructor for Revenue Agent Phase II training, teaching advanced subjects; such as: capital expenditures, indirect methods, pass through entities and passive activity losses just to name a few.

Erlinda was accepted into the management interest program for 2022 fiscal year.
Member Spotlight  - Irasema Garcia

Irasema Garcia started her IRS career as Initial Assistance Representative (IAR) in January of 2006 with Wage & Investment. Three years later, transferred as Individual Advisory Tax Specialist (ITAS) and working on several temporary collateral assignments towards higher positions including management.

Irasema has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, from the University of Texas at Brownsville. She has additional education in American Sign Language courses. She continues striving to learn and work towards additional learning challenges every day.

She joined Rio Grande Valley HIRE Chapter in 2009. Irasema has worked with projects for the community including toy and food drives for abused children and clothing & shoes donations for local orphanage.  She has worked as a volunteer with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program which helps low income families prepare free tax returns.  Irasema has been board member of PTFA (Parent Teacher Friends Association) since 2009.  She helps her church with the Adopt-An-Angel & Christmas for Children of Mothers in Prison projects.

Irasema was elected President of the RGV Chapter in June 2021.
Member Spotlight  - Socorro Mata
Socorro Mata joined the Internal Revenue Service in September 2009 as a Revenue Agent right after collage. She graduated in May 2009 from The University of Texas at Brownsville with a double major Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Management. As a Revenue Agent she has enjoy working cases in a wide variety of industries.

Through HIRE, Socorro has been a volunteer in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in her community in Brownsville/Harlingen TX.

In 2013, Socorro joined the San Antonio Hire chapter and later the local Rio Grande Valley Hire Chapter, where she is the Vice President of Community Service.
Member Spotlight  - Linda Briones
Linda Briones joined the IRS in October 1986 as a Revenue Officer.  During the years as a Revenue Officer, she enjoyed several assignments including traveling to different parts of the state and country to work on special training projects including when the IRS issued ROs the very first computer.  Additional assignments included on the job instructor for new revenue officer hires in the 1990s and 2000s and VITA program coordinator for the Rio Grande Valley area for filing seasons in the 1990s back when VITA training and volunteer programs were coordinated in local communities by the IRS.  Linda also worked on collateral assignments including Special Emphasis Coordinator for the Harlingen, Texas POD when programs such as Adopt-A-School programs allowed employees to visit local schools and assist children with reading assignments. 

In 2009, Linda left the Revenue Officer position in SBSE Collection after 23 years to become a Revenue Agent in SBSE Examination to start a new field compliance position.  She currently works as a revenue agent.  Linda continues to look for new challenges and learning experiences within the IRS.

Linda joined the HIRE chapter when it first established in San Antonio, Texas and later joined the local Rio Grande Valley HIRE chapter was established. She serves as the Chapter Secretary for the RGV HIRE Chapter.
Member Spotlight  - Audrey Tucker
Audrey Tucker has been a correspondence exam technician since 2008.  Her experience as a Federal employee began in 1984.   Particularly noteworthy, is how Iris Queeman (now retired) transformed the work life of Ms. Tucker by giving her an application for HIRE membership.  Originally, Audrey was hyper-conscious of not being a Spanish-speaker from birth.  Over time, the fellowship of HIRE has molded her into an employee who eagerly embraces the awesome responsibility of providing accurate, concise information to her clients, the taxpayers.  Within the Philadelphia HIRE chapter, Ms. Tucker is now the Fundraising chair.
Member Spotlight - Evelyn Rodriguez 

Effective May 23 , 2021, I will be an official Bilingual Advocate in Guaynabo, P.R. I have been working for the local Taxpayer Services in P.R. since May 2016.

I started my career in Springfield, MASS. in Oct 23, 2006,  as an I.A.R., now called I.T.A.S. ( Information Taxpayer Advisory Specialist).

Now after 15 years of my career I will join Taxpayer Advocate. I am excited.

Thanks to H.I.R.E. family for the support.