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The idea of an organization for Hispanic Internal Revenue Service employees was conceived in Los Angeles in 1980. After unsuccessfully competing for a promotion, two Hispanic revenue agents pondered their careers and began to wonder how they, as an underrepresented, but recognized minority, fit into the IRS workplace.


A few days later, they requested a meeting with Richard Orosco, a mid-level manager in the Los Angeles Headquarters Office.  As a group, they came to the conclusion the time had come for Hispanics to organize and enhance career advancement potential by raising awareness of the need for Hispanics to network, encourage knowledge sharing, as well as eliminate discriminatory practices.



First General Meeting The first general meeting was held at the Azteca Mexican Restaurant in San Gabriel, California. Those present at the firs meeting included:


Leo Alvarado

Richard Orosco

Paul Cordova

Jesse Peralta

Jesse Cota

Mario Perez

Ed Chavez

George Rey


Annie Rodriguez

Bobby Herrera

Loraine Sanchez

Phillip Herrera

Richard Sanchez

Florence Jones

Cecilia White

Margaret Nolasco

Ooris Wright



First President Jesse Peralta was soon elected as the first president of this initial chapter.



Our Name George Rey is credited with the idea of calling the organization Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees, or H.I.R.E., since hiring and promotion opportunities for Hispanics was a major issue the group planned to address.



Branching Out After the IRS reorganized in 1983, the Los Angeles district was split into three districts- San Jose, Los Angeles and Laguna Niguel. The Southern California H.I.R.E. chapter was formed shortly thereafter. The Fresno chapter was formed in 1986. Additionally, Fred Arras, Kathy Arras and Robert Trujillo left the Los Angeles district and were involved in establishing chapters in Austin, Texas and Northern California.


In 1988 a historic meeting was held in San Diego with all Hispanic managers in the Western and Southwest regions to identify barriers and solutions for advancing in their careers, leading to increased Hispanic representation at the Executive level. The meeting was spearheaded by Arturo Jacobs, Jesse Cota and Richard Orosco. The benefits of the H.I.R.E. organization were shared with the attendees and they were urged to form similar organization in their districts. As a result, chapters started forming thoughout the rest of the country.


H.I.R.E. National, Inc. is Born! In 1989 the idea of forming a National organization uniting H.I.R.E. chapters was formulated. Robert Trujillo served as the H.I.R.E. National Steering Committee Chairperson, coordination and conducting the initial Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from the existing H.I.R.E. chapters.


The H.I.R.E. National Steering Committee held a meeting on December 9th, 1989 in Austin, Texas. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility and the interest in the vision of establishing a H.I.R.E. National organization. Representatives either attended the meeting or submitted their comments and recommendations. After the 12 existing H.I.R.E. chapters voted to join a National organization, they enthusiastically developed an action plan and tasks were assigned to the various chapters. Subsequent meetings in 1990 were conducted in Albuquerque, New Mexico and in Las Vegas, Nevada to further solidify the action plan for the implementation of the nationwide H.I.R.E. organization.

In late 1990 H.I.R.E. National, Inc. officially incorporated. Charter members of the organization included:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fresno, CA

Austin, TX

Houston, TX

Austin Compliance Center

Los Angeles, CA

Dallas, TX

Southern California


First H.I.R.E. National, Inc. President In 1992 a meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hacienda Hotel, which no longer exists and it is now the site of the Luxor Hotel. Elections were held and Robert Trujillo was elected as the first president of H.I.R.E. national, Inc. Tony Garcia was elected as the Vice President and also served as the Chief Financial Officer. The bylaws were finalized and ratified as well during this meeting.


First H.I.R.E. National Training Conference From the same meeting in Las Vegas in 1992, H.I.R.E. National decided an inaugural training conference would be held the same year in Anaheim, California. The Los Angeles and Southern California chapters would co-host the event. Hence the first H.I.R.E National Training Conference took place!

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