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Non-profit Status: On September 08, 1994 The Department of the Treasury and the IRS granted Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees, Inc. non-profit status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


National Board


Juan M. Carrizales

National President


(210) 841-2126



Mr. Carrizales was sworn into office as National President during the 2017 H.I.R.E. National Annual Business

Meeting held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 3rd, 2017. Mr. Carrizales previously served as President of the South Texas H.I.R.E. Chapter.

Sergio Guzman

National Vice President


(312) 292-3333


Mr. Guzman was sworn into office as National Vice President during the H.I.R.E. National Annual Business Meeting held in Los Angeles, California on August 2015. Previously, Mr. Guzman was the Central Area National Representative.

National Area Representatives

Mayra Dimas, West Coast Area

(657) 244-3282

Teresa Dominguez, Southwest Area 

(505) 415-7765

Paula A. Victoria, Central Area 

(713) 209-3282 


Andy Matteo, Northeast Area

(412) 404-9750 


Karen Vazquez, Southeast Area

(305) 982-5181


Janice Foulk, Chief Information Officer

(737) 800-5563
(Vacant), Executive Director of Mentoring

Lara McIntosh Castillo, HIRE Administrator 

(505) 415-7754


Jesse Martinez, Executive Treasurer


(301) 468-1855 


(Vacant), National Secretary 

Volunteering for a National Positions!

Are you interested in becoming more involved with National HIRE? Do you want to help mold the future? 


Those individuals wishing to be considered as volunteer candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The candidate must be a member of HIRE in good standing

  • The local chapter must nominate the person as a candidate

  • The candidate must submit a brief bio and a statement of commitment to support the goals and objectives of HIRE National.

  • The Chapter President will submit a statement of support for the candidate and will need to confirm that the candidate is in good standing status with the local chapter.

for questions please contact Sergio.Guzman@irs.gov.