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Non-profit Status: On September 08, 1994 The Department of the Treasury and the IRS granted Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees, Inc. non-profit status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Chapter Happenings!

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Member Spotlight - Evelyn Rodriguez 

Effective May 23 , 2021, I will be an official Bilingual Advocate in Guaynabo, P.R. I have been working for the local Taxpayer Services in P.R. since May 2016.

I started my career in Springfield, MASS. in Oct 23, 2006,  as an I.A.R., now called I.T.A.S. ( Information Taxpayer Advisory Specialist).

Now after 15 years of my career I will join Taxpayer Advocate. I am excited.

Thanks to H.I.R.E. family for the support.


Irma Treviño, Public Affairs Specialist Bilingual explains the expanded Child Tax Credit on Spanish TV news station.

Irma is the President of the Rio Grande Valley HIRE Chapter in Harlingen, TX since 2012 and a HIRE member since 2002 when she joined the South Texas Chapter in San Antonio, TX.  Irma has been with the IRS since 1991 as a Revenue Agent and in July 2002 became the Bilingual Spokesperson for IRS media relations. Currently, she is working for the Planning and Content Development section 1 within the Communication and Liaison (C&L) division.

As an IRS spokesperson Irma is frequently featured on television, radio and print media. Recently she recorded a segment for Univision on Advance Child Tax Credit that is a must listen.

2020 Fleming Award Winner - Victor Aledo

As National Office chapter president, I would like to share some exciting news with the other chapters and board,  about one of my chapter  members, Victor Aledo, acting Director of Tax Forms and Publications and 2020 SES Candidate.


Victor was nominated and was awarded the prestigious 2020 Flemming Award.  The Flemming Award is awarded annually to twelve federal stellar employees with three to 15 years of federal government service. Award recipients are nominated by their federal agencies and selected through a competitive judging process. The awards are presented by the Arthur S. Flemming Commission, in partnership with the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration and the National Academy of Public Administration. The winners are recognized for performing outstanding service in the fields of applied science and engineering, basic science, leadership and management, legal achievement, and social science.


Victor won this award for his efforts to overhaul the way the IRS corresponds with taxpayers with limited English proficiency or disability, collaborating with offices throughout the IRS to dramatically expand the type and number of taxpayers that can be served.


He will be recognized  in a GovMatters TV Network in a  virtual celebration this summer. 


Please join  me in congratulating Victor on this accomplishment! We are so very proud of him!

Sergio Guzman, HIRE National President

Senior Manager Readiness Program - Patricia Didonato selected

Thirty-four LB&I applicants were recently selected into the Senior Manager Readiness Program (SMRP). Congratulations to Patricia DiDonato, who is HIRE’s National Vice President. She currently works in Large Business and International, Enterprise Activities Practice Area as a Team Manager and currently is acting as Staff Assistant to the Director of Field Operations.

SMRP is a two-year developmental program that prepares participants for senior manager career opportunities. Participants in the program also gain experience by temporarily serving in a managerial assignment and other developmental opportunities. This program runs March 2021 to March 2023.  

Patricia has been involved with HIRE since 1988 and has participated in all levels at the local, regional and now at the national level.  She is enthusiastic in helping HIRE meets its mission and goals by helping its members thrive and advance in their careers through the various local and national trainings and to provide community support through various efforts such as VITA and in providing scholarships.

Please join us in congratulating Patricia!

Pay It Forward Program Award Winner

We are happy to share with you the news that Janice Foulk, CIO for HIRE National was nominated and selected as one of the three winners for the "Pay It Forward" program in October 2020. She is currently a Senior National Account Manager at the Austin, TX Service Center. This award focuses on the servant leader philosophy and exemplifies the following qualities.


  • A servant leader needs to assume good intensions of co-workers and not reject them as people, even when forced to reject their behavior or performance.
  • Don’t operate with your eyes shut, missing key signals that foretell pending problems or potential opportunities.
  • Servant leaders demonstrate an understanding of the importance of responding in a healing manner as problems and crises develop.
  • When we practice active listening, we develop the relationships necessary to be successful.
  • Servant leaders use persuasion over coercion to meet tight deadlines.
  • Stewardship is the key to build partnerships with staff, and to truly recognize the value they bring to the organization.


As its CIO and member of the National Board, Janice's servant leader qualities are on full display. She has been instrumental to the success of this organization.  

Congratulations Janice. We are very proud of you on this well-deserved recognition.  


Patricia DiDonato

HIRE National Vice President


Northeast Area Representative Retirement

HIRE National wishes to congratulate Ernestina Lejarza on her upcoming retirement on December 31, 2020.  Thank you for the contributions that you have made to HIRE. We enjoyed having you serve on the National Board in your capacity as the Northeast Area Representative as well as your time on the Philadelphia Chapter Board.


We wish you the best of health and lots of enjoyment during the next phase of your life.